The Ultimate Sports Card Store

Are you Selling Sports Cards Online? Ask yourself these important questions...

  • Are you efficient, organized, and creating awesome listings in little or no time at all?
  • Do you ship quickly, accurately, and communicate with your buyers in simple steps?
  • Or are you struggling to keep up, spending hours to list and scan, overwhelmed with shipping?

We Have the Tools You Need!

Sports Card Database. Inventory Management. Listing Tools for eBay.

Order Manager. Your Own Website. Personal Support.

How Fast Can You List Sports Cards? With the Ultimate Sports Card Store Tools you can list new and vintage Sports Cards easily, individually or in bulk. Access our database of Sports Cards for quick and easy one click listing, or use our spreadsheet tools for lightning fast bulk uploads. Add images automatically at the same time you load spreadsheets. Default eBay settings save so much time. You might think this sounds hard. It really isn't. We guide you through every step from day one with individual training and personal demonstration.

Tools for eBay Sellers are available in the GLE Tech Control Panel. The Control Panel is available as a free module for single seller sites using the GLE Tech StoreFront or OS Commerce Online Shopping, or as a stand alone manager if all you want to do is prepare and manage listings for selling on eBay.

The tools have been developed over the last 10 years, and can sell any type of product. Their strength is listing Sports Cards and Coins for selling on eBay and/or your own website. The tools streamline listing, adding pictures, and managing orders.

Whether you are just starting out on eBay, or you are an experienced seller, these tools can help you.

Automatically prepares listings for eBay with preset settings and categories.
List individually or in bulk with spreadsheets.
Send to eBay individually or in bulk.
Description Templates for Superior Item Display.
Free Image Hosting and eBay Scheduling.
Completely manage eBay sales from Invoices to feedback.
Pay NO commissions on sales

These tools can help many of you work smarter not harder. The best way to find out if any of this can help you and your operation is to contact us. We'll go over what you are doing, what you want to accomplish, and see if the tools can help you.

The GLE Tech Control Panel connects directly with eBay. You can send items individually or in bulk to eBay, as Auction or eBay Store listings. The software checks eBay for sold items and updates your site, as well as ends eBay listings that are no longer available. This allows you to have items in your online store (if you have one) and your eBay Store at the same time!

It is entirely possible to completely manage your eBay listings from the The GLE Tech Listing Manager. Tools are available that import orders, print invoices, send shipping notices, and even leave Feedback. GLE Tech Control Panel tracks your orders placed on your GLE Tech StoreFront or OS Commerce site, or sold on eBay.

An eBay Strategy

In a perfect world we would be strongly suggesting total focus on developing your own website. In a realistic world, we all know that eBay is ripe with buyers, and it might be foolish for someone selling online to not take advantage of the eBay market. eBay fees can be expensive, so it is always important to take advantage of eBay special offers to maximize your exposure on eBay for the least amount of money.

As of this writing, in the past 2 months, eBay has had four special offers offering 100,000 to 1 million free listings. Sounds like a lot for most of us, but even you only use 1,000 free listings, or whatever, you are way ahead of the game. But where do those listings come from? That is where the GLE Tech Control Panel comes in.

With our awesome listing tools, you can build a massive inventory over time and store those listings in your account. Send part of your inventory monthly, offer the rest on your own website. When the eBay deals come along, whatever you have for inventory is ready to be sent to eBay in one easy upload using our Inventory Tools.

This is especially useful for sellers of Sports Cards, as it is not hard to build and manage a large online inventory, and it is especially easy with our tools.

  • Menu for Admin

    The GLE Tech Control Panel is designed to streamline the process of selling online. You will improve your efficiency, save money, and sell more with better listings. The tools allow you to concentrate on the important things -- buying new inventory, getting it listed, servicing your customers, and promoting your business.

  • Order Manager

    All your orders come in to the same Order Manager. From the Order Manager you can print invoices, send shipping notices, and leave eBay Feedback/Upload Tracking.

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